Christine holds a certificate in Advanced Canine Nutrition through CASI. As part of the the advanced program, she completed electives in kidney disorders, endocrine disorders, and gastrointestinal and metabolism disorders.

me and joey brighterIn addition to years of independent research and reading on holistic nutrition, Christine consults with Dr. Jean Dodds on some cases. Dr. Dodds is a highly regarded veterinarian, renowned for her expertise in the fields of nutrition and immunology. She is a key figure in the advancement of these areas and the veterinary industry as a whole.

Twelve years ago, when Christine adopted her first dog, Joey, a West Highland Terrier, the notion of feeding him convenience food for a lifetime, just didn’t sit right. Especially with the knowledge that this particular breed is prone to a host of skin issues and health problems. Soon after, she set down the long road to becoming a Canine Dietary Consultant.

“Nothing brings me greater satisfaction than witnessing dogs improve and thrive on a diet I’ve created just for them.” - Christine Ford, CCN, ACN