The Consultation Process

Your dietary plan is developed by an accredited professional. In addition to using the nutritional requirements outlined by the National Research Council, every aspect of your dog’s life will be factored into the formulation of the diet. The presence of specific illness and disease will require a specialized plan, and this will all be taken into consideration.

You will be provided with a diet for your dog that is easy to make, affordable, and nutritionally balanced. Multiple meals are prepared in large batches to save you time and money.


1. Upon booking, you’ll receive the new-client questionnaire and return it completed. This provides important details about your dog that will be used to formulate the diet.
2. There will usually be a few follow-up questions.
3. Within 10 business days of submitting your completed questionnaire, you’ll receive your dietary plan outlining the food and supplements your dog will require over the period of one week. Included will be preparation suggestions and other useful information.
4. An introductory note will also be sent to your veterinarian that briefly outlines the course of action pertaining to diet.
5. Follow-up and ongoing support is included.

You will prepare your dog’s food in larger batches, and depending on the size of your dog, a batch can last 3-7 days. Preparation time is approximately 10-20 minutes per batch.

There are two types of consultations: one for adult dogs and one for puppies. If you would like more information, please send an email.