The Power of Food

As with us, the food our dogs eat plays an integral role in their health. Whether your dog is healthy or suffering from allergies or illness, the greatest potential for health is achieved by consuming a balanced diet of fresh food, getting regular exercise and mental stimulation, and minimizing exposure to stress.

dog food not cropped#2235D9A fresh, customized diet can prevent diseases of the liver and kidneys, or can be designed to support a dog suffering from these illnesses, among others. The science is out there when it comes to nutrition; a healthy diet, free from processed foods boosts the immune systems and helps keep diseases at bay, (genetic or otherwise). Consider the science of nutrigenomics: It’s been proven that nutrients react on a molecular level with our genes and determine how they’re expressed. You can actually turn genes on and off via nutrients. When we start with diet, we have the best chance at improving health because often this addresses the problem at its root.

If you’re visiting this site, it’s probably because you already believe that real food is healthier than processed, and that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to diet. Whether you’ve always wanted to cook for your dog but have never tried, or you’re doing it now but are not sure the diet you’re providing is balanced, Wholesome Canine can help.