“After many heartbreaking experiences with 3 of my mini schnauzers from Diabetes to Cushings to Bladder stones to Irritable Bowel Disease and Pancreatitis, I was naturally angry and confused.  I had just lost yet another mini schnauzer at a young age and was determined to find a solution to some of the health problems associated with the breed as I love them and wanted another.  I knew that a well balanced diet was definitely going to have an enormous impact on warding off some of the many problems they can potentially have.  I had just committed to bringing home yet another baby girl (Lexie) and was frantically searching for what to feed her.  I wanted to give her a clean start with a clean well balanced diet but had no idea where to start.  That is when I found Christine!  I used her Puppy Consultation service and Christine answered all my questions in detail from the start and continues to answer all my questions today and Lexie is now a year old.  ”There are no stupid questions” is what Christine would tell me.  I was extremely nervous and overwhelmed when starting the process of home cooking to say the least, but Christine put all my worries at ease.  She is so informative and was there to support me every step of the way.  SHE WAS RIGHT!!  She told me that it is overwhelming at first because of all the supplement dosages and how to administer them, but all of that quickly subsides with time and practice.  Quick preparation, slow-cooker cooked, unprocessed, complete and balanced is exactly what you get with a diet created by Christine.  When I first brought Lexie home she was on kibble supplied to me by the breeder which she hated and would not eat without coaxing….as soon as I fed her Christine’s home cooked diet she was in heaven and gobbled everything up!!  She was happy and I was extremely happy knowing that my baby was eating REAL FOOD that was good for her and that was formulated to address all of the potential health concerns faced by mini schnauzers.  I would recommend Christine’s Nutrition Services to everyone!!  If nothing else she will give you peace of mind in that you are doing all you can to give your baby a healthy start to life!!”

- Kim (Lexie)

“Codi seems to be doing well. She likes the home-cooked food. She’s lost a bit of excess weight which is helping her mobility but maintaining it now. She’s drinking and sleeping much less and is in very high spirits. Her behaviour has changed over the last few months. Thanks for your assistance, it has made a huge difference to Codi’s quality of life!”

-Vanessa Hill

I came to Christine for help with my 12 year old Airedale, Zoe. She had a bout of pancreatitis last year. That’s when I switched her to a low fat kibble. This took care of her pancreatitis but her triglycerides levels were through the roof. My vet suggested medication but I wanted another option. I found Christine through online research. I’m really glad I did. She designed a low fat recipe for Zoe and made an easy adjustment for Zoe’s Poodle brother, Helmut, who didn’t need low fat. It was daunting at first to cook for them but it’s actually very simple!
Christine was following up on Zoe when I mentioned that Zoe’s always had bouts of unexplained diarrhea. I wish I had brought it up sooner because Christine had another solution that solved the problem. My dogs are now healthier than they’ve ever been, and have even more energy than before. People can’t believe they’re 13!”
- Jose Charet

“Our dog Harlow, the love of our life, had a serious leg injury at the age of 1.  Her recovery was slow and she had to be isolated during a crucial time of social development.  The pain and fear drastically altered her behaviour.  Ever since, we have dealt with quite serious reactive tendencies (mostly when she is on-leash).  Aggressive barking and lunging at people, bikes and especially, other dogs, turned what were once fun walks and plays in the park to daily disasters filled with tears and worry.

When it was suggested to us that some of Harlow’s reactive behaviours could be exacerbated by the vet recommended high quality dog food we had been serving her since she was a puppy, we were more than willing to give home cooking a try. We were desperate to do pretty much anything that might have a positive impact and this seemed like a truly reasonable effort. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled at the thought of cooking for my dog but we sought the help of Christine Ford, Certified Canine Nutritionist, to give it a shot.

Though it made sense to us logically that nutrition and behaviour were related, we were not entirely convinced that something so simple could really change our dog’s behaviour. But, to our pleasant surprise, the results have been kind of shocking, and it turns out that making her food has become second nature – fairly simple, cost effective and very manageable.

It’s been about 2 full months of home cooking a balanced diet created especially for our dog’s needs and Harlow is doing really great – a lot better than before we started home cooking. It’s truly amazing how she is visibly less edgy and less reactive to triggers that once sent her off the deep end with no sign of return.  We’re going on leash walks everyday (something we pretty much abandoned for months as every outing was a chaotic disaster). While she’s still reactive to certain things, she hasn’t lunged at a single person/bike/jogger and we can actually walk by most dogs without her reacting at all, provided we’re given some space.  We couldn’t even do that a few months ago – she would lay down and lose her mind if another dog was even remotely close to her on-leash.  Training has certainly helped us as well, but it wasn’t until we changed her food that our efforts were fully realized.

There is still work to be done – Harlow is still reactive to a point, but instead of it crippling us, we are feeling optimistic with the progress and willing to continue our work.  We are really happy with how far she’s progressed and really, really want to thank Christine for her love of dogs and their true well being.  It’s such a simple change that has made all the difference for us.”
- Sara, Geoff & Harlow

“Our dog Otis seemed to always be itching, even as a puppy.  We chalked it up to the breed, season or various other skin issues we googled. Christine started walking Otis two years ago, five times per week and boarding him often.  She had mentioned to me the he might have a food allergy and maybe we should think about switching foods.  For many months we gradually tried different dry foods and some did help, but he was still scratching. Christine then did a full Nutritional Consultation for Otis.  I found it surprisingly easy to throw all of the ingredients into the slow cooker and prepare one or two weeks of food in one shot.  I just pick everything up when we do the family grocery shop – now it’s like second nature. Within a week, Otis stopped obsessively scratching and was very, very happy with his new food.  I love knowing what he’s eating, that I can make him feel better and maybe even prolong his life. I actually kind of enjoy making it.  It’s therapeutic, he sits there the whole time and watches me like a hawk.  I feel like i’m really doing something great for him.”
- Denise & Otis

Thank you so much for getting Dobby on a diet that doesn’t hurt him. He’s a completely different dog ever since we started the home cooked diet and we couldn’t be more grateful to you for changing his, and our lives.
- Nadine, Tom & Dobby

“Christine taught me to cook for my pug Norman when he was a year old. He had developed obsessive licking behaviours that were spiraling out of control. He was spending two hours after every meal licking the couch! I tried changing to a variety of commercial diets but no improvement. He also had HORRIBLE, room clearing gas. Throw in two bouts of pneumonia in his first year of life (and thousands of dollars in vet bills) and I was ready to take serious action.  Christine made an easy to prepare diet that we have been using for the past three years. No excessive licking, no gas, and no more pneumonia! Need I say more? Except of course to say that Normie is one lean/healthy Puggy. I receive repeated compliments on his physique, especially from the vet, as pugs are lazy, prone to over eating and getting fat. In fact our vet said he was the best looking pug she had ever seen. I completely agree….and I’m not biased at all!”
- Amanda & Norman

“I was referred to Christine by my dog walker at TailBlazers when my 7 year old pug-mix Wilson was having ongoing stomach issues.  Christine developed a plan specifically for him and the change in him is remarkable!  No more upset tummy, less shedding (which all pug owners will understand is a HUGE win) and most of all, he LOVES dinner time now (he was never a big eater).  His newest trick is dragging his bowl through my condo begging for more!

While it was intimidating at first to get all the supplements and ingredients, once you do, it is so easy! I am a young professional with a lot on the go, but it is actually very easy to fit in to a busy lifestyle.  It has become part of our Saturday morning routine and as a health conscious person myself, it is so rewarding to know you are doing something so healthy for your best friend.  I can’t recommend it enough.  Thanks Christine!”
-Erin & Wilson

Our Bernese Boxer mix Stanley has tried every kibble there is on the shelves,  for the first year of his life – we had problems getting him to eat and when he did eat never had solid “business”.  Christine is a good friend of mine and made the suggestion of switching him to a homemade diet.  Even being in the dog business myself , I was a sucker for the marketing of kibble and passed off home cooking as being too much work and too expensive.
The final straw was when my parents came to visit one year in the middle of winter and we had to have all the windows open because all the candles in the world couldn’t mask the smell coming from out of our handsome, brindle, bundle of joy.  Finally we made  the switch! We saw results over night. Unbelievable.  With Christine’s guidance and help we’ve developed an economical diet that is so much better than what any kibble has to offer.  Since then we’ve adopted an Aussie shepherd and I’m happy to say last week I fed both of then for $30!! It’s become an enjoyable hobby for me to source out food and cook for them. Thank you Christine!
- Angela & Alex and Stanley & Wrigley

“When we first adopted our 8 year old beagle from a shelter, he was severely underweight, had itchy skin, and was suffering from anxiety and dog aggression.  We took our little guy to numerous vets, all of which wanted to prescribe him various medications from steroids for supposed allergies, to Prozac and Valium to “help” him with his anxiety and aggression.  The vets put him on a cycle of different prescription diets that only made him feel worse.  We were constantly rushing him to the hospital to deal with the side effects of these horrible foods.  We finally found Christine and she has been a godsend!  She taught us how to make food at home that was nutritious and healthy – and best of all, it was simple and fast!  Even though she gave us the diet a few months ago, she continues to check in with us periodically to see how our dog is doing, and is always available to answer questions for us.  She provides guidance and advice even after you have paid for the diet and never hesitates to help you.  Since our dog has been on her diet, his itchy skin has disappeared, his coat is soft and shiny, and the eye infections he was getting regularly have practically disappeared.  We have even noticed that along with positive reinforcement training, he is less reactive to other dogs and his anxiety has decreased significantly.  We will forever be grateful to Christine for saving our dog’s life and giving us the knowledge and confidence to provide him with the best life possible.  There is a saying: “The wisdom of the ages teaches that each individual has a personal guardian angel with him or her at every moment” – Christine has been our little guy’s guardian angel and we would encourage all dog owners to let Christine help them improve their dog’s health and well-being, for a long and happy life!”
-Rehana, Niloufer & Beau

“Prior to starting with Christine’s specialized meal plan I had been feeding my dog Kiley the Wellness dog food brand for about two years. I noticed she was no longer interested in eating her meals and I had hand feed her the food to get her to finish it. The last batch I had purchased felt stale and I was concerned that Kiley was not getting the proper nutrition she required. I asked Christine to help me put together a diet of fresh food for my dog and was extremely happy with the results.  Christine created a diet that took into account my dog’s age, weight and exercise level and provided and a very detailed meal plan.  The diet combined a variety of wholesome ingredients from pears, to spinach to brown rice and took me less than an hour to prepare each week. Christine provided support with any questions I had and provided some helpful tips on how to speed up the process and cut some costs. I immediately felt good about the choices I was feeding my dog and no longer questioned the ingredients in her food.Once you get a hang of preparing your dog’s food you can prep for a couple weeks at a time which is great if you are going out of town or have a week that you don’t have as much time to prepare the food. Christine also provided a meal option for those times that you don’t have time to prep the food which is super convenient.I actually created an excel chart to compare each ingredient in my dog’s fresh food versus buying her dry food and found I was only spending about $2 more a week (and that didn’t include the potential additional savings I could have found by purchasing any of the ingredients on sale)! To me it was completely worth it as I knew I was providing my dog with the best nutrition possible.The results? Kiley absolutely loves her meals now and literally picks up the bowl to lick it when she is done. Her coat is shinier than ever and she is so energetic. If you want to provide your dog with a balanced and nutritious diet I would highly recommend working with Christine to create a diet that is specialized for your dog’s unique nutritional needs.”
- Kristine & Kiley

“When I adopted my puppy CeCe, she had a dry, brittle coat,a bladder infection, and was full of mange and ear mites because her immune system was so weak. She had a horrible smell, too; even her breath was nasty. After a couple of months on a special diet that Christine, our canine nutritionist, developed just for her, she blossomed into a healthy, shiny-coated girl with sweet puppy breath. Christine coached me every step of the way, and provided email and phone support whenever I needed it. She even tweaked the recipe when we discovered that CeCe had trouble digesting one of the ingredients. Because my dog is an individual with unique needs and a rough start to life, having a balanced meal formulated just for her has literally changed her life.”
- Yvette & CeCe